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Ret. Lt. Col. J.W. Kastl (800) 651-5950 or
(301) 571-9784
Ret. Lt. Col. J.W. Kastl (800) 651-5950 or
(301) 571-9784

Veterans & Military Law Professionals

If you are in trouble with military law, we can help you wherever you are in the world.  

Military and Veterans Lawyers serving clients in  Washington DC; Bethesda, Maryland; San Antonio, Texas; Fayetteville, NC; Jacksonville, FL, and every military installation, Air Force Base, Camp, Fort and all points in between.

When It's You Against The System
Whether you're facing a medical board, a court martial or administrative separation, Article 15, General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand, VA benefits issues, racial discrimination or racial bias working against you,  PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, any Vietnam related concerns,  Standby boards, corrrections, pension upgrade, correction of records, discharge, court-martial, or any other military legal issues or military law problems, it is important to have a concerned professional who has your best interests at heart and the expertise to ensure victory. We are experts in defending the Officer Grade Determination Act (Officer Grade Reduction). Turn to The Military Defender to ensure the best possible outcome.
Defense You Deserve
When you are charged with a crime in the military, face administrative separation or are undergoing the MEB/PEB process, we will fight hard for you. The Military Defender Legal and Law Firm serves you in Washington DC, Bethesda MD, Fayetteville NC, Jacksonville, FL and San Antonio TX, but our practice is certainly not limited to these areas. Call us today for excellent legal representation around the world. No matter where you are, we know military law, and can represent you. Click here to see where we have served. We have represented defendants from all over the globe. As you are deciding which firm to use, give us a call first. Like so many of our satisfied clients, you'll find we typically have more experience that others in our field and have a impressive history of military law victories.
A History of Success
Judge Kastl is our lead attorney and has a vast amount of experience with the military legal system. Learn more about his military law accomplishments here and rest assured that you have chosen the best in The Military Defender. We've been doing Military Upgrades for over 30 years! It's one of our specialities! We have experienced personnel and medical experts on staff, particularly for veterans suffering from PTSD. 
Military Law Professional
Of course, our men and women serving in our armed forces around the world are top notch lawyers and give great legal advice. However, there are cases and times when the legal counsel that you receive is not going to be the best legal counsel you can receive. Don't just rely on those who are fighting for you and hoping to interpret the law, why not go into your legal challenges with someone who helped write the law? Judge Kastl is a lifelong military veteran and has decades of experience interpreting military law, writing military laws, and deciding military cases. Don't go into your case unarmed or under represented legally. 
Areas Served
Ret Judge Wayne Kastl has served his country and his clients all over the world. Our firms main office is located in Bethesda Maryland, just minuted from Washington DC. He has served clients in all branches of the military, and many cases might be like yours. Click here to see where he's defended clients in the USAF, here for US Army, and here for the US Navy.

There are few military attorneys in the world who have as much experience as Mr. Kastl. Don't go it alone or with someone appointed to you. Hire the best representation you can have, this is YOUR career. Nothing is more important.

Senior Judge Wayne Kastl writes with wit and authority. When an area of the law needs clarification, his opinions become a learning clinic for younger attorneys. I've known of his demonstrated talents as a teacher and coach for years. At a recent judicial conference, his presentation to fellow appellate judges drew rave reviews. I have it on good authority that the Army JAG School agrees -- there are 'four judges' whose opinions are studied with intense interest. Three of them are at the Court of Military Appeals. Judge Kastl is the fourth.

-Keithe E. Nelson, Major General, USAF (Ret), The Judge Advocate General
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