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Ret. Lt. Col. J.W. Kastl (800) 651-5950 or
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Ret. Lt. Col. J.W. Kastl (800) 651-5950 or
(301) 571-9784

Legal Representation

Court Martial & Medical Malpractice in Bethesda, Maryland

The Military Defender is a military law firm based in Bethesda, Maryland, serving service members around the country. We provide representation during court martial and medical malpractice cases. We are proud to serve our men and women in uniform in all matters of military law.
Court Martial
If you have been accused of a crime and are facing court martial, you can get the help you need with us. We help in all court martial cases, including summary, special and general court martial for charges including murder, sexual misconduct, grand larceny, AWOL and a range of other court martial offenses.
Medical Malpractice
There are a range of legal matters that fall under medical malpractice law. The Military Defender is there to help in all medical malpractice cases, including those related to surgeries, dispensing the wrong medication and any other medical matter.
Promotion Appeals
If you feel that you were wrongfully passed over for promotion, trust us to justify why you should not have been. Lead Attorney Judge Kastl has vast experience and expertise that can help your appeal to the higher court in your promotion.
Promotion Appeals New Vet Outreach on Discharges, Records
Good news for potential clients! 
DOD recently announced a renewed effort to ensure veterans are aware of opportunities to have discharges and military records upgraded.  Vets who believe they have experienced an error or injustice are urged to request relief from service corrections boards. 
This is one of our specialties – we have been doing military upgrades for 30 years.  We have experienced personnel and medical experts on staff, particularly for veterans suffering from PTSD. 
Records for veterans who served after 1997 are usually accessible online and retrievable within hours of a request through the Defense Personnel Records Information Retrieval System (DPRIS).  To obtain personnel records from DPRIS, vets should go to, then select “Individual Veteran Access” on the left side of the website and follow the instructions.  Veterans will need to register for a logon and verify their current mailing address.  The process usually takes less than 10 minutes.
Those who served prior to 1997 or for whom electronic records are not available, can request their records from the National Personnel Records Center using the eVetRecs website at:  
The boards are authorized to grant relief on the basis of error and/or  clemency.  Regarding clemency: Veterans who believe their post-service conduct and contributions to society support an upgrade/correction should describe their “good citizen” post-service conduct and provide appropriate letters or supporting data.   
The press announcement suggests three keys to successful applications:
·        Explain why the discharge or other record was unjust or erroneous -- for example, how it is connected to, or resulted from unjust policies, a physical or mental health condition related to military service, or some other explainable or justifiable circumstance.  

·        Provide factual support.  If a veteran has a relevant medical diagnosis, for example, it would be very helpful to include medical records reflecting it.
·        Submit pertinent service records.  The more information provided, the better the boards can understand the circumstances of the discharge.  

Other Services
You can rely on us as your counsel in a wide range of military law cases. Some of our other areas of expertise, include drugs, fraternization and child abuse, as well as other topics of military significance. PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), VA benefits loss or challenges, loss of pension, correction of records, discharge, court martial, or any other military legal matter please give us a call today.
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