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Ret. Lt. Col. J.W. Kastl (800) 651-5950 or
(301) 571-9784
Ret. Lt. Col. J.W. Kastl (800) 651-5950 or
(301) 571-9784


Medical Boards in Bethesda, Maryland

Our Winning Advantage

​If you are undergoing an MEB, we recommend you check out our firm's MEB Pamphlet, which is also downloadable on our blog.
Check out the icon on the first page of the blog for important things you need to know about the process.

For Army and Navy personnel, the boards meet at the "new" Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC). Our office is physically only 10 minutes away from the center.

Our winning formula is backed by two, board-certified physicians. One of our doctors, a retired Navy Captain, is a psychiatrist and works with PTSD and similar issues. He has extensive expertise with the VA. Similarly, our second board-certified expert, a teacher at Dartmouth and Tufts medical schools, deals with physical injuries. Each physician is a world-class expert providing a professional analysis of "what ails you" and an accurate reading of the correct percentage for your case.

The law firm works at medical boards, formal PEBs and appeals, as well as the new Physical Disability Review Board.

Correct Your Records

The military offers two avenues for relief:
  • The Discharge Review Board
  • The Board for Correction of Military/Naval Records
Our law firm has an excellent record of success before these boards to the preparation of powerful briefs and advocacy. We offer a full range of investigative, medical and technical expertise, along with our "have law book, will travel" capability to defend clients anywhere in the world.
Call us or schedule an appointment in Bethesda, Maryland, today to discuss your cases 
and learn how we can help you with the medical or advisory boards.

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